Public Notice


Pursuant to the press release of the Government on nationwide lockdown issued on 20th December, 2020, RIM hereby notifies the general public that the institute will remain closed, however, the general public can avail urgent or important information by contacting the following officials.
1. Mr Karma Pema Loday -17607626, Registrar/Trainee affairs
2.Mr. Phurba– 17761035, Warden/PGDs
3. Mr. Ugyen Sonam– 17862452, Warden/DFM and Library Services
4.Mrs. Kesang Dechen -17600650, IELTS/Library Services
5.Miss. Chhimi Om– 17799505, Registration Matters
6.Mrs.Karma Tshomo -17921835, MBA matters
7.Mr. Pema Thinley – 17638154, Estate Matters