Re-Announcement on Dzongkha Language Bridging Course


Re-Announcement on Dzongkha Language Bridging Course

Admission Criteria

The Royal Institute of Management is pleased to re-announce one and half month Dzongkha Language Bridging Course.  The program will be offered to the LLB graduates wishing to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in National Law at RIM for the academic year 2021. The bridging course is meant for LLB graduates whohave 49% and less Dzongkha marks in class 12 Exam.  The last date of registration for the Bridging course is postponed till 3rd March, 2021due to Covid lockdown.  Please note that there will not be any registration for the Dzongkha Bridging course after the above-mentioned date.

Course Fee

For the program: Nu. 5000 will be charged as fee for the examination.  Nu.3200 will be charged as tuition fee for one and half months of tuition for those enrolled for the tuition.  Candidates must register latest by December 31, 2020.

Documents to be submitted

The application must be accompanied by the following document:

  1. Citizenship Identity Card
  1. Academic transcripts – Class 12

Note:In case the applicantnumbers are less than 10, no Dzongkha Language Bridging course will be conducted.  In lieu of Dzongkha Bridging course, a Bridging Entry Examination will be conducted.  A nominal fee of Nu.5000 will be charged for each candidate.

Bridging Entry Examination

In case if the candidate wishes to directly take Dzongkha Bridging Entry Exam without taking the tuition, RIM will facilitate Bridging Entry Exam.

Note: For Bridging  Entry Exam Nu. 5000 will be charged for each candidate

Attached along is the course outline for both Dzongkha Bridging Course and Bridging Entry Exam

Please contact Mr. Gedun Pelzang, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Development, RIM at. 02-351014/351249/17608042 for further clarification on admission procedure, examination and course details during office hours.