January 2021 Promotions


The Royal Institute of Management congratulates the following officials on their promotion to the next higher level.

Specialist Promotion
Professor Jit Tshering- Promoted from Associate Professor to Professor/Es-2 A to Es 1 A

Professor Jit joined RIM in 1987 as a Trainee Officer and thereafter have been working in RIM till date. This shows the dedication and loyalty of Prof. Jit towards RIM. Professor served in various capacities starting from Trainee Officer, Lecturer, Sr. Lecturer, Asst. and Associate Professor and rose to the current position. Despite his promotion to the current position, professor Jit also has many publications, both national and international. A man of positive vibes, an inspiration to the young, Professor is a man who leads by example and has contributed enormously to the success of RIM as a management institute in the kingdom. On the prospect of such occasion, we take this opportunity to congratulate Professor Jit for such incrediblefeats in anaera. Congratulations.

Meritorious promotion
Ugyen Lhendup- Promoted from Associate Lecturer to Lecturer/P3 A to P2 A

Ugyen Lhendup joined RIM in the year 2009 as an Assistant Lecturer and have been working with the Royal Institute of Management till date. However, Ugyen Lhendup has been away to Royal Research and Advisory Council on secondment for a period of 5 years since December 2015 till the 31st of December, 2020. After a term of five years on secondment, ugyen Lhendup Joined back RIM on 1st of January, 2021. Ugyen Lhendup has been awarded with a meritorious promotion upon the Royal Command with effect from 1st January, 2021. This in itself is a big achievement for Ugyen Lhendup. He also is the founder of Zhenphen Tshogpa which works on the principle of ‘Service from the Heart’. We wish him luck and congratulations for the well-deserved promotion.

Broadbanded promotion
Padam Narayan Pradhan- Promoted from Accounts Asst. IV to Accounts Asst. III/S1 A to SS4

Padam joined the civil service in 1993 as an Accounts Clerk and rose to the current position defying all the odds of the civil service ladder. This in itself depicts an epitome of success. He came on transfer on the 1st of January 2018 and since then has demonstrated explicit work skills in the area of accounting. Padam is an elaborate man who works in the fulfilment of set objectives. Given his traits of positivity and simplicity, Padam will find dwelling in the hearts of every civil servants and a place of more cosiness in the civil service. We wish him good luck for his future endeavours and congratulations for the promotion.