Government Sponsored Training Workshops


 Government Sponsored Training Workshops being  conducted by IT department, RIM.

  • Two trainings will be conducted from May 18, 2015 to May 21, 2015 (tentatively) at the Royal Institute of Management by the IT Department, RIM.
  • Training shall be on two modules: 
    1. ICT for Disaster Risk Management
      for Disaster Focal Persons in Government Agencies and Local Governments
    2. ICT project Management
      for Program Officers/Project Managers involved in ICT-related Projects in Government, Corporate/Private and CSOs
  • These two modules sit under the UN-APCICT’s Flagship program, ‘Academy of ICT Essential Essentials for Government Leaders’.
  • The training is tentatively scheduled for 4 days ( 2 days for each module)
  • Civil Servants only.

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