Update of short training


This is a call out to all the civil servants/corporate/private/CSO’s to register yourself for the two trainings we tentatively advertised before; following changes have come into effect so please note it.

Two trainings will be conducted on 21stMay and 22nd May 2015 respectively at the Royal Institute of Management by the Department of ICT, RIM.

 Training shall be on two modules:

I) ICT for Disaster Risk Management 
Target Participants: For Planning Officers, Disaster Focal Persons in Government Agencies and Local Government


ii) ICT Project Management 
Target Participants: For Program Officers/Project Managers involved in ICT-related Projects in Government, Corporate/Private and CSOs

These two modules sit under the UN-APCICT’s Flagship program, ‘Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders’.

The training is scheduled for 2 days ( a day for each module)

Note # the DSA/TA shall be given by RIM

You can submit application of interest for either one or both the modules

Eligible interested candidates may submit your application or sent your queries to :

M/s Chimi Om
Mobile no: 17799505
e – mail : chhimi_om@rim.edu.bt

WITH following details:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Organization you are working in currently:
  4. Designation
  5. Contact no:
  6. e-mail ID:
  7. brief description of your current job roles/responsibilities:

Confirmation of your application will be notified to you via e-mail.

While Coming to RIM for the Training you will need to produce workshop official nomination letter/ relieving order from your office for the training

We look forward for maximum participants