August 19, 2017- IELTS intake CLOSED


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RIM is pleased to announce that the registration for IELTS for Auguest 19, 2017 is now open. Kindly read the following instructions and information for smooth registration.

Registration Open : July 6, 2017 (9am – 5pm)

Registration Close : August 4, 2017 (5pm)

Maximum Intake : 120 candidates/seats

IELTS Fee : Rs. 11,800/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred) (in form of Demand Draft

IELTS Free Preparation/Tutorial : August 01 – 08, 2017 (5pm – 7pm)

IELTS Test : August 19, 2017 (9am – 5pm)

Test Venue : Multipurpose Hall, RIM

Registration Process

  1. Documents and other things required for the IELTS registration
    1. IELTS registration form (Download Here)
    2. Valid CID card or Passport
    3. Valid eMail address
    4. Valid mobile number (active)
  2. Submitting Documents
    1. Fill up the IELTS registration form (its in Microsoft word format, save it in your name)
    2. Scan or mobile shoot (make sure the picture is very clear) your CID or Passport, which ever you want to use as your prove of identity, make sure you use the same in your registration form
    3. Email the above two documents to, your email will be acknowledged with 24 hrs of working days with the status of your application’s acceptance.
  3. Once you are registered, you will receive an email from IELTS/British Council regarding your Application summery. This means you are now registered for the exam and can process for fee payment.
  4. Online registration : Please visit, for online registration. Upon acceptance of your application, you are to submit Demand Draft to us with your CID/Passport copy (which ever you have used for your identification)
  5. Demand Draft : Please take a copy of email received from IELTS/British Council  (Application summery) as a proof for DD requirement. Make the Demand Draft of Rs. 11,800/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred) only in favor of British Council payable at New Delhi.
    (note: you prepare demand draft from any bank)
  6. You will have to submit the demand draft to IELTS focal person. Their name and mobile are list at the end of this page. This will be the end of your process for your IELTS registration.
  7. Note : You will receive a statement of Entry through email from British Council one week before the actual test date. This email will inform you of your viva/speaking date and time. Therefore you are requested to check your email frequently.

Registration for Free IELTS preparation/tutorial : You will be provided with 9 days free preparatory tutorial for IELTS. If you are interested please write email to for registration. Please note that once you have registered you are expected to have full attendance for the entire 9 days 2 hours class duration.

IELTS Free Preparation/Tutorial : August 01 – 08, 2017 (5pm – 7pm)

Focal Persons for August 19, 2017 IELTS :

Tashi Phuntsho, Telephone 351014/13 :Extension No: 127
Ugyen Tshering, Telephone  351014/13 Extension No : 186

Please send your attachment to email :

Only during office hours (9am – 5pm)

We are close on Saturday & Sunday