Faculty and staff vacancy


RIM/HRD-12/2018/1931                                                                      August 3, 2018

Vacancy Announcement 

 The Royal Institute of Management would like to invite interested Bhutanese citizens to apply for the following vacancies as detailed below:

  1. On consolidated contract for the initial period of 3 years  
Sl. No. Position Title Position Level Minimum Required qualification No. of Post



Assistant Professor



PhD with minimum 5 yrs of teaching at Training/ Tertiary level or work experience of 10 years and above. Should be able to teach Economics and Research Methods at Masters and PG level  


2. Dispatcher III O4-A Cl-X 01
3. Telephone Operator O4-A Cl-X 01


  1. Lateral transfer for In-service Civil Servants 
Sl. No. Position Title Position Level No. of slot Remarks
1. Admin Assistant S5-S3 01 Lateral transfer within same Super-Structure Group


Documents required for Consolidated Contract

  1. Civil Service Employment Application Form – Form 4/1
  2. Resume 3. Copies of Academic transcripts.
  3. Copies of relevant training transcripts, if any
  4. Copy of Citizenship ID Card. 6. Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate.
  5. Security Clearance Certificate which shall be verified online
  6. No Objection Certificate, if employed

Documents required for Lateral Transfer

  1. Curriculum vitae (CSIS-generated copy).
  2. Security clearance. 3.  Audit clearance.
  3. PE rating for the year 2016-17 & 2017-18 and (copy).
  4. NOC from the working agency (original).

Application dateline:  Interested and eligible candidates may apply to the HRD Unit of the Institute latest by August 17, 2018.

For any queries, please contact HRD Unit at 351013/14 during Office hours.


(Tshewang Tandin)
Director General