Launch of CPA Program in RIM


The Royal Institute of Management (RIM) is pleased to announce the launch of CPA Australia’s CPA Program at the Institute. For further details on the program please visit www.CPA

The program offer at RIM is at an especial discounted rate for three years. The offer is a follows;

Membership Assessment fee Aus $ 164 ( waived off for RIM program)
Foundation Exams Aus $ 345 (payable for each subject)
CPA Program – Core Units Aus $ 620 (payable for each subject. Discounted at 50% from the normal 2018 fee for RIM program)
Associate Membership – half year Aus $ 148
Associate Membership – full year Aus $ 296

Note: The 50% CPA Program discount offered is based on the CPA program segment fee rate of the year. The fee rate is subject to change depending on the outcome of the CPA Australia’s yearly price review.

  • Admission opens starting November 26, 2018. Admission closes on January 15, 2019 for Bhutan Program.
  • You will need to log on to CPA for enrollment.
  • Your entry into CPA Program will be determined by an individual application.
  • All application for enrollment will be assessed by CPA Australia Admission Office in Melbourne, Australia.
  • If you are a Bhutanese national you are eligible for 50% discount on the fees. A promotional code will be provided by RIM to apply for the waivers.
  • The program consists of a foundation course and a core CPA Program.
  • Your application will be assessed to identify any exemptions you may be eligible for.
  • For the RIM Program, there is only one window of enrollment.
  • In the first semester only one subject will be offered: Strategic Management Accounting
  • A 60 hour tutorial program will be offered.
  • The tutorial will start from January 28, 2019 for one week. After a break of two weeks, the second tutorial of three days will be offered as continuation to the earlier tutorial.
  • In the second semester you are eligible to enroll for two subjects.*
  • In the third semester you are eligible to enroll for three subjects.

Note: Subjects offered & Dates for tutorial on other subjects will be announced after close of enrollment.

  • All tuition materials will be made available to you via MyOnlineLearning (MYOL) after you are successfully enrolled in the CPA Program.
  • Assessment – All assessment (exams) will be online. You will be provided with access to Pearson Exam Center at RIM.
  • To make your enrollment a meaningful and enriching experience, there will be an open day on CPA Program conducted by CPA Australia Officials in November, 2018. The date and day will be announced soon.
  • For any further information on the RIM CPA program contact