Admission & Enrollment of candidates to the CPA program for the year 2020 semester 1

The Royal Institute of Management would like to announce the invitation for the Admission & Enrollment of candidates to the CPA  program for the year 2020 semester 1.
  1. The dates of enrollment will commence from November 25 – 29, 2019.
  2. Candidates are required to fill in the student enrollment form and the student registration form and submit both the forms along with the fee charges to the RIMAccounts Section.
  3. The following fee charges are to be submitted to the RIM Accounts section.
  4. Fee of AUD $296 for membership to CPA program. This one time. If you are already
    member enrolled to CPA program, you are not required to pay.
  5. AUD $ 645 as exam registration fee which is 50% of AUD $ 1290.
  6.       Fee can be paid in Nugltrum equivalent to the current exchange rate of AUD.
  7. Only upon the registration and candidates fee payment to the CPA office, the candidates
    will be given access to My Online Learning (MYOL) and additional materials.
    1) Student enrollment form
    2) Student registration form