Department of Information and Communication Technology(DICT)

RIM is a Lead Agency for the Enabling eGovernance under the Chiphen Rigpel Project being implemented by RGoB in collaboration with National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT).

RIM is also a VUE Pearson Authorized Test Center.


This department is formally known as the Department for Information Technology (DICT) and focuses mainly on the design and delivery of IT training programs of the Institute. Besides offering a regular 2-Year Diploma course in Information Management Systems the department offers various IT/IS related courses at advanced level for in-service personnel, consultancy services and its expertise as and when required to different agency.

One of the major functions of the department is to plan and build IT capability of the Institute both in terms of human resources and infrastructure development. The department has been ardently involved in promoting and educating the Bhutanese in the field of computing and information technology. The programs of the department intervene at various levels of courses for Diploma Course for System developers and programmers, short tailor- made courses for in-service IT personnel, IT Awareness Workshops for executives as well as for mid-level managers from both Government and Private Sector. The department also facilitates, through certified instructors, the Cisco Networking Academy Program, which offers online curriculum and assessment for those interested in electronic networking. In addition to delivering joint IT courses with client organizations, the department plays crucial role in keeping in-house members informed and aware of new technologies and providing training sessions on their usage.

The DICT aims to equip the Institute with the state-of-the-art technology and be able to design and provide need-based IT training programs for the Bhutanese knowledge worker.


  1. To strengthen the IT infrastructure and systems of RIM and its department
  2. To provide IT training for public, private and civil society organizations at advanced level
  3. Research and develop case study papers
  4. To develop distance/online education capability through the use of reliable information technology and facilities 

Courses & Activities

Diploma in Inforamtion Management (DIMS)- Duration :2 Years Course

This is a two-year full time course for the pre-service candidates (higher secondary graduates). The course focuses mainly on programming, networking and system analysis and design aspects of employment in the information technology profession. Students gain extensive practical experience in using information technology to address the needs of modern organizations. Teamwork, Project & Basic Management and Communication Skills are developed in addition to exploration of the technical and interactive human aspects of computing and computing applications.

Final year trainees complete an individual client project, producing a substantial software product to address the need of a local business, government or community organization. <Detail…..>

Basic IT – Duration : One Month (Regular)

This is a month long course on Basic IT Applications offered every year to those new trainees admitted in different courses offered by the other Centers within the Institute.

Computer Operator Level Certificate (OLTC)- Duration : One Month Course

This is a month long course on Basic IT Applications offered one or twice every year students and teachers on vacation.

Short Courses

A. Conducted 

  1. Training of Trainers in Internet Technologies (TOT), jointly with ICIMOD
  2. Web Publishing/Designing, jointly with UNDP
  3. Cisco Networking (Semester I & II)
  4. Internet/Intranet & E-mail
  5. Advanced MS Applications
  6. IT for Teachers
  7. Advanced Database Programming
  8. In-house Refresher course for RIM
  9. How to design and Setup eSecure Webbased services

(B) Courses to be conducted during 9th 5-Year Plan

  1. Database Programming in Access using VBA
  2. Desktop Publishing
  3. Advanced MS Office Applications
  4. Network & Systems Administration on Windows NT/2000 Platform
  5. Web Design and Development
  6. System Analysis and Design
  7. Hardware
  8. Internet & E-mail
  9. Cisco Networking
  10. How to design and Setup eSecure Webbased services


(A) Conducted 

  1. Mobile IT Awareness for Dzongkhags
  2. IT Awareness for top Executives, Mid-managers and general public
  3. IT & Internet Awareness

(B) To be conducted during 9th 5-Year Plan 

  1. Internet/Intranet/Extranet
  2. Management of Information System
  3. E-Governance
  4. Network Setup and Administration


  1. Linux Set-up and Administration (conducted for Peljorkhang Pvt. Ltd and Survey of Bhutan)
  2. Network Resource Person
  3. IT Evaluator (participated for UNDP on Projects BHU/00/003 & BHU/00/005)
  4. NetworkingSystem Developmen


  1. IT Training in Bhutan: Trends and Development (undergoing)
  2. Case study- Information Management System (s) in a Bhutanese Organization (proposed)
  3. Training Need Assessment for It Training in all Sector
  4. IT Policy Support
  5. Curriculum Development in Areas of Electronic Networking & E-Governance
  6. Distance Education & Virtual Classroom


  1. IT Taskforce Member
  2. GIS Committee Member
  3. NTTA, IT Committee Member
  4. RIM IT Facilities Management
  5. RIM Web-site maintenance & updating
  6. RIM Network Management
  7. RIM Information Systems Development

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