Jit Tshering, Professor & HoD


 Department of Research & Consultancy


  1. MPhil in Economic Planning, University of Glasgow
  2. BA SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University

Units Teaching/Specializations

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Teaching Experience

Since 1990

Research & Publication

  1. Research and Publications
  2. Turner, Mark, Chuki, Sonam and Tshering, Jit (2011) ‘Democratization by decree: the case of Bhutan’, Democratization, 18: 1, 184 — 210
  3. Tshering, Jit, Chuki, Sonam and Nass, Lucia (2009) ‘Local Development Planning Manual: Standards for annual planning at Dzongkha and Gewog Levels’, Gross National Commision, Thimphu, Bhutan
  4. Tshering, Jit (2009) South Asian Management Forum Proceedings, ‘Change and Continuity: Management Prospects and Challenges’, Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia
  5. Tshering, Jit (2008) ‘Sidpakhorlo of Management: Potential Bodhisattavic Leaders and Managers’ RIM Newsletter, Issue No.4
  6. Tshering, Jit (2007) ‘Of People, Politics and Policies’, RIM Newsletter,
  7. Tshering, Jit (2005) ‘Leadership of Jangchub Sempas’ RIM Newsletter


Research Interest

  1. Politics and Democracy
  2. Governance, Leadership,
  3. Public Policy formulation and implementation
  4. New paradigms of Development
  5. Gross National Happiness
  6. Decentralization
  7.  Local Governance
  8. Participatory Processes


  1. Awarded, National Order of Merit (Gold) for Academic Excellence in 2013
  2. Royal Civil Service Silver Medal Award for his 20 or more years of dedicated service to the tsa-wa-sum