Dhanapati Mishra, Professor & HoD


 Department of Development Management


  1. Masters Degree in Human Resource Planning and Development, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, SGGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India
  2. Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Science, Portsmouth Polytechnic, United Kingdom,
  3. Bachelors of Arts, Government College, Punjab University, India

Units Teaching/Specializations

  1. Management Communication
  2. NFP-SDC Coordinator for the SAARC Documentation Center, New Delhi.

Teaching Experience

Since 2002


  1. B-School Leadership Award, CMO Asia: Award of Excellence in Teaching, 2010
  2. National Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2013
  3. Royal Civil Service Silver Medal Award for his 20 or more years of dedicated service to the tsa-wa-sum.

Research & Publication

  1. Instituting    Parliamentary Democracy: Prospects and Challenges for Bhutan (Conference Paper)
  2. Training Development Strategies for Enhancing Government Employee Competencies in Bhutanese Civil Service (Conference paper)
  3. Management Development Framework for Bhutanese Civil Service (Concept paper)
  4. Preventing Corruption: A Collective Responsibility (Adjudged first Prize winner essay)
  5. Performance Management: A conceptual Overview, Published in RIM Silver Jubilee Magazine
  6. Can Strategic Human Resource Management enable Gross National Happiness, Published in “International Journal of Commerce and Business” – co-author
  7. “How to Handle Success” article published in RIM Newsletter
  8. Study of Employee Empowerment in Bhutanese Organisations- ongoing research
  9. Study of untouchability in Lhotsham Communitty- ongoing research

Consulting/Advisory Services

  1. Study of promotion, repetition and dropout in primary education in Bhutan. (A consultancy Conducted for Asian Development Bank)
  2. Civil Service HRD Master Plan (2002-2007) (Co-authored the Document)
  3. Human Resource Management: A Perspective Plan .Royal Bhutan Police, HQ Thimphu
  4. HRD Master Plan: Ministry of Agriculture,Thimphu, Bhutan
  5. Training Needs Assessment- Department of Energy, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Bhutan
  6. Organisation Development Plan.( Advisory Services provided to  South Asia Foundation- Bhutan Chapter)
  7. Restructuring Plan for Cabinet Secretariat.(Advisory Services provided to Cabinet Secretariat)
  8. Conducted tailor-made Training Programmes for the staff of Royal Audit Authority, His Majesty’s Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Dzongkhag Administration, Thimphu and Ministry of Labour and Human Resources

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