About PGDPA & Course Outline



The overall objective of the PGDPA course is to equip participants with the requisite skills, knowledge and values for productive careers in the in the civil service. The specific objective of the course are to :

  1. develop the range of knowledge and skills required of development
  2. develop managers for public sector organizations;
  3. develop the ability to manage people, projects, and other public resources effectively and ethically to achieve development goals; and
  4. develop a clear understanding of the emerging profile and role of civil service officers in the changing contexts and emerging democracies

Designed for: Candidates who have been selected from the Civil Service Common Examination (CSCE).

All the Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) courses begins with the following orientation program:

Introductory Program (PGDPA, PGDFM & PGDNL)

  • Learning Methodology
  • Basic Computer Skills

Under the Department of Management Development, the institute currently offers the following courses:

  • Learning Resources (orientation of the library)
  • Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Learning Resources (orientation of the library)

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply international Public Administration theory to current context in Bhutan and elsewhere
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate development policies and programs
  • Prepare financial plans and effectively utilize public funds and resources.
  • Contribute to evidence-based policies and programs
  • Recruit, develop, motivate and manage change in human resources
  • Appropriately apply the ethical and professional basis of Public Administration

Learning Areas:

The PGDPA course provides the following learning modules that are divided into three terms:


Term Core Units Credit points
Term 1 (Feb – April) Organizational Behavior 15
Research Methodology 15
Economic Principles and Application 15
Term 2 (May – August) Introduction to public Administration 15
Managing People in Organizations 15
Public Financial Management 15
Term 3 (September – November) Public Policy and Program Planning 15
Research Report 15
Total 120



In PGDPA course, we offer 4 teaching learning units and they are follows:

Term I

  1. Unicode & Yigkur Namzha
  2. Management Communication
  3. IT Fundamentals

Term II

  1. Government Policies & Development Program


12 months (from February – December every year)