Welcome to the Bhutan Journal of Management

The Bhutan Journal of Management is an academic and scholarly journal and publishes original research papers, review articles and case studies relating to all aspects of public policy and management within the Bhutanese context. It is a periodical publication published annually by the Royal Institute of Management.The Royal Institute of Management is the apex management institute in the Bhutan established through a Royal Charter in 1990 to impart, promote and enhance professional knowledge and skills in management and public administration.

The Bhutan Journal of Management is instituted with an objective to create a knowledge base in the discipline of management and promote constructive dialogue on contemporary issues in management and public policy in Bhutan.

The journal is a free online resource and is available for all interested to know, learn and research in the area of management in Bhutan. The journal also welcomes submission and articles on issues of current interest in management and public policy within the Bhutanese context.