Sports Facilities Rules

1. Objective: The Sports Facilities Management Rules are hereby promulgated under the authority of the Royal Charter of the Royal Institute of Management 1990 to develop the character, endurance and provide our trainees a better quality of life. These rules shall ensure the efficient use of RIM sports facilities to promote sports and games activities for the RIM family members, RIM Alumni Members and Others.
2. DefinitionIn these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases have the following meanings:
2.1 “RIM” means the Royal Institute of Management
2.2 “Institute” means the Royal Institute of Management
2.3 “Trainees” means persons admitted into the pre-service or in-service training programme of the RIM
2.4 “Director” means the Director of RIM
2.5 “Faculty” means a teaching member of RIM
2.6 “Staff” means a non-teaching member of RIM
2.7 “Sports” means games
2.8 “Sports Advisor” means a faculty appointed by the Director as the overall in-charge of sports/games with the authority to take decisions on as per provision of this rules and directives issued by the Director
2.9 “RIM Family Members” means Director, Faculty, Staff, and Trainees of RIM
2.10 “RIM Alumni Members” means trainees who have graduated from RIM and granted with the RIM Alumni Membership upon payment of a membership fees, amount as prescribed under section 8.2 or such amounts revised from time to time.
2.11 “Others” means persons/teams who are neither RIM Family Members nor RIM Alumni Members who may be granted permission by the Sports Advisor to use the RIM Sport Facilities upon payment of user fees, amount as prescribed under section 8.3 or such amounts revised from time to time.
2.12 “Sports Coordinator” means a trainee of RIM elected by the trainees of the Institute to coordinate a game and duly appointed by the Director by a formal order.
3. Sports/Games facilities at RIMSports/Games facilities of RIM include:
3.1 A Tennis Court
3.2 A Football Field
3.3 A Basketball Court
3.4 A Volleyball Court
3.5 A Snooker Room
3.6 A Table Tennis Hall
4. Access to facilities by RIM Family MembersEntry into any sports facilities of RIM is free for RIM Family Members provided they follow a planned time-table prepared and coordinated by the Sports Advisors and respective games coordinators except when:
4.1 The facility is under maintenance and announced by a general notice.
4.2 The facility is reserved for special occasions and notified by a general notice or verbal instructions to the Sports Advisor and the Security personnel
4.3 Following restrictions shall be applied in the Soccer field:
4.3.1 The number of games does not exceed three on Saturdays and Sundays
4.3.2 The facilities shall not be used during or after a heavy rainfall/snowfall
5. Access to facilities by RIM Alumni Members
5.1 Entry into any sports facilities of RIM for RIM Alumni Members shall be strictly based on advanced notice provided to the Sports Advisor and in accordance with a planned schedule of events prepared jointly between the Advisor and the respective Games Coordinator.
5.2 Entry regulations clauses 4.1 and 4.2 shall apply to RIM Alumni Members
6. Access to facilities by Others
6.1 Entry into any sports facilities of RIM for Others shall be strictly upon completion of all the following formalities:
6.1.1 The Users submit a formal request to use the facility in advance to the Sports Advisor personally or through email.
6.1.2 The Sports Advisor confers with the respective Sports Coordinator and confirms the availability of the facility for use.
6.1.3 Users make payment for the use of facility to the Accounts Section of RIM.
6.1.4 Upon production of a payment receipts, Sports Advisor issues a formal notification to use facilities on specific date and time and endorsing a copy to the Security Personnel of the Institute.
6.2 Entry regulations clauses 4.1 and 4.2 shall also apply to others.
7. Use of Facilities
7.1 All sporting activities shall be coordinated by the respective sports coordinators under the overall supervision of the Sports Advisor.
7.2 Entry of non-RIM family members into any sports facilities of the RIM shall be regulated and supervised by the security personnel in close consultation with the Sports Advisor.
7.3 All members shall book the venue of the sports at least a day in advance in consultation with the respective Sports Coordinators.
7.4 Non-RIM Family Users must bring their own sports/games outfits and other required items.
7.5 RIM trainees reserves the right to use the games facilities from 3.00 PM, Monday to Friday (working days) except for the soccer field as this facility is being shared by the ILCS soccer team for which a separate schedule is prepared annually by the Sports Advisor and the Soccer Coordinator.
8. User Fees for Non-RIM family membersTo use the RIM sports facilities on weekends/holidays by Non-RIM Family Users, the following user fees shall be applied:
8.1 RIM Alumni members- A Member shall pay an annual membership fee of Nu. 1000 per year in the beginning of the calendar year (within January) or a monthly membership fee of Nu. 100 per month in the beginning of each month for the maintenance of RIM sports/games facilities membership fee of Nu. 100 per month based on a registration system.
8.2 Others- Each team shall pay a user fee of Nu. 500/ per team per game for the use of Soccer Field and Nu. 50/ per team per game for the use of Basket Ball Court.
9. Conduct and Dress Code
9.1 All RIM family members are discouraged from inviting non-RIM family members into the RIM Sports facilities except through formal process of approval granted by the RIM Sports Advisor and Committees established for this purpose.
9.2 All members and users must maintain the cleanliness of the sports facilities by not littering the facilities.
9.3 All members/users entering into any sports facility must wear trek pants/shorts, t-shirts or sport jackets, prescribed shoes such as tennis shoes in the tennis court.
10. Management & Coordination
10.1 Sports Advisor in consultation with Sports Coordinators shall be responsible for preparing budgets for the maintenance and renovation of the games facilities of RIM for the approval of the Director.
10.2 Sports Advisor shall liaise with the Estate Manager to carryout maintenance and renovation of the facilities.
10.3 Sports Advisor shall liaise with external agencies and individuals on matters related to RIM sports/games activities
10.4 Sports Advisor shall keep the Director informed on all programmes and activities either in writing or verbally.
10.5 Sports Advisor in close consultation with the Trainee Coordinators shall coordinate all activities related to sports/games activities of RIM.
10.6 Respective Sports Coordinators shall be responsible for marking/painting of fields/courts.
10.7 Security Personnel of the Institute shall ensure that all users comply with the above rules and regulations.
10.8 Security Personnel of the Institute are authorized by this rule to verify the identity of all Non-RIM Family Members entering the RIM Sports Facilities and approval documents to use the facility.
11. Authority
11.1 Sports Advisor is authorized to take actions and decisions as per the provisions of these rules.
12. Liability
12.1 RIM shall not be responsible of for loss of, or damange to, the personal belongings of the users and visitors in the RIM sports facilities.
12.2 Any person misusing the properties or materials of RIM Sports facilities shall be required to pay for the making good of damage or loss.
13. Funding/donations
13.1 Government supports the RIM in providing capital budgets to carryout major renovations or RIM Sport facilities.
13.2 To the extent possible, RIM must strive to meet the cost of maintenance and purchase of essential games equipments and consumables using the following sources of funds:
13.2.1 Donations received from organizations/individuals from within and outside the country
13.2.2 User fees collected
14. Responsibility for Review and interpretation of these rules
14.1 The Director of Institute is responsible for the review and interpretation of these rules
14.2 These Rules are subject to change from time to time.
14.3 Changes to these rules shall be notified through a general notification or circular, content of which shall be incorporated into the rules annually.

Royal Institute of Management
Dated: 31st February 2008