Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2018

The Master of Business Administration offers individuals aspiring to senior management and executive roles the opportunity to develop skills and competencies relevant to the effective management of enterprises. The course covers all aspects of management, including managing people, accounting and finance, economics, information and decision making.

The MBA emphasizes development of skills required to succeed in increasingly complex business environments such as international trade or public administration working across legal, industry or cultural boundaries.

  1. Eligibility and Admission Criteria:
    Applicants must have a degree or equivalent as approved by the University of Canberra Admissions Committee and at least 3 years of relevant work experience or equivalent prior to admission. Applicants must also have English Language Standards score of 6.0 across all band levels or proof of English Language proficiency.
  2. Commencement and Duration of the course
    The MBA course will commence from 20th February, 2018 and can be completed within 16 months.
  3. Student Intake
    Seats are now available. Ten numbers of RGoB scholarships will be awarded to civil servants. They will be required to route their applications through the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC).
  4. Program Fee and Stipend:
    The total course fee per Bhutanese candidate is Nu.253,000/- per course. The fee for International students is AUD 1,200 per unit. The course fee does not include the travel and living expenses. The fees can be paid in two installments, first installment (50%) to be paid on acceptance of offer and second installment on 17th August, 2018. The fees may be deposited in RIM account number 100502451 in the Bank of Bhutan or the Royal Institute of Management, account section. The Bhutanese civil service candidates admitted to the course on RGoB scholarship shall be paid stipend at the rate of Nu.8000 per month.
  5. Application Forms and Deadline:
    The applicants will have to use UC’s online application system know
    as StudyLink portal to register and enroll for the master’s course.
    Please follow the link given here
    Few steps to follow

    1. Open the portal using the link given here
    2. Applicants will have to first register themselves by clicking on the
      register button.
    3. Once applicants is successfully registered by confirming their user
      name and password, applicants can login using the login button to
      commence their application.
    4. Inside the page, you can search for RIM MBA by entering 723AL in
      the Enter keyword(s) text button and then clicking on the Search Now
    5. Click on the Apply Now button next the title of the course to access the application forms.
    6. Complete the questions and uploading of the required documents in
      the good quality format(image files) if required
    7. Applicants can use StudyLink Portal to check the progress of their application and for further upload of documents if required.
    8. Applicants who receive their offer can accept their offer online
    9. Incase applicants face any technical problem such as Login, can contact for assistance
      Applications for the programs close on 31st­, December, 2017.
  6. Selection of Candidates:
    The selection of candidates will be done by University of Canberra.
  7. Information for International Students:
    1. Visa Approval Process:
      In order to process the visa for the international students, candidates will be required to submit the following:

      1. Confirmation of Admission
      2. A passport copy
      3. VISA fees of Nu.2500.00 (students from India, Bangladesh and Maldives will be exempted from visa fee)
      4. Confirmation of Funding
        Visa application form (which can be down loaded from along with the requirements mentioned above may be forwarded to the Registrar, Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu, Bhutan ( Following the receipt of the visa application and the specified details, RIM will process the visa with the concerned authorities. Visa can be processed within 2-5 days.
    2. Accommodation:
      The Royal Institute of Management is situated in Simtokha which is three kilometers away from the main city of Thimphu. The management can help to arrange accommodation at a reasonable rate near the institute or in town. Student can also find accommodation on their own. The rate per flat is approximately AUS $250.00. Limited rooms are available in the RIM executive hostel AU$300.00 per month subject to availability. The Institute is well connected to the city by city buses and taxi for candidates availing accommodation in the city.
    3. Currency:
      Local currency is Ngultrum which is equivalent to Indian rupee. For the latest exchange rate refer
    4. Weather/Climate:
      Temperatures in Thimphu, located at 2,200 meters above sea level in west-central Bhutan, range from approximately 15 degrees centigrade to 26 degrees centigrade during monsoon season of June through September but drop to between about -2 degree centigrade and 16 degrees centigrade in January. Most of the central portion of the country experiences a cool, temperate climate year-round. In the south, a hot, humid climate helps maintain a fairly even temperature range between 15 degrees centigrade and 30 degrees centigrade year-round, although temperatures sometimes reach 40 degrees centigrade in the valleys during the summer.

Further information & inquiries on the programs, please contact the following officials:
Karma Tshomo,
Telephone No. +975-2-351013/14; mobile: +975- 17921835