Hostel Rules and Regulation 2015
 1.2These shall apply to all the trainees or persons utilizing the residential facilities and privileges.
 1.3These shall come into force from February 2006.
 2.1Trainees shall be entitled to a monthly salary/stipend to meet the cost of food, lodging and incidentals unless specified otherwise in the respective course prospectus.
 2.2Trainees shall have the option to reside in the hostel unless specified otherwise in the respective course prospectus.
 2.3Residents shall take up full responsibility to maintain their hostel, sanitary and electrical installation, fixtures and furniture, and other facilities provided for their comfort and use.
 2.4Residents shall maintain the internal wiring and fitting without modification for reasons of safety and to avoid any undue damages.
 2.5Residents shall inform the Estate Manager through the Hostel Warden for any maintenance service they require in the hostel rooms.
 2.6Residents shall not cook in the rooms to avoid fire hazard and promote hygiene.
 2.7Residents must abstain from unhealthy habits of consuming and storing alcohol in the hostel and institute premises.
 2.8Residents shall not keep pets in the institute.
 2.9Except through prior permission, Residents shall be required to be in the hostel at 9.00 p.m. and will observe silence after 10:00 p.m. in order not to disturb other residents.
 2.10Residents shall not dry their laundry including shoes in corridors and on the windows etc. except at the courtyard of the laundry room or behind the hostels.
 2.11Residents shall abstain from gambling of any kind in the hostels.
 2.12Residents shall abstain from carrying cooked food into the hostel rooms
 2.13Residents shall not paste any picture on the walls of their rooms.
 2.14Residents may play or use transistors, record players, tape recorders, guitars etc. in the rooms provided it does not disturb other inmates.
 2.15Residents are permitted to use blower heaters, water boiler, and insulated immersion rods for heating water in their rooms. They shall, however, ensure that these appliances are switched off prior to leaving their rooms.
 2.16However, no resident shall use rod heaters, cooking appliances (rice/curry cookers), electric kettles or water heater (with coil rounded on a wooden or any other material).
 2.17Visitors shall be entertained only in the lobby of hostel or visitor’s lounge of the institute only during visiting hours.
 3.1Residents shall be held responsible for proper discipline and cleanliness of the entire hostel campus.
 3.2Class representative shall be held responsible for proper discipline and cleanliness of the entire hostel campus.
 3.3Class representative shall also be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and discipline on each floor.
 3.4Class representative shall ensure that water taps and the residents switch off lights.
 3.5Residents shall make their own beds neatly every morning without leaving anything on the beds, under the beds or on the cupboards, with towels spread on the bed rails at the head side of the beds. (As far as possible uniformity must be maintained).
 3.6A resident must maintain utmost cleanliness and make sure that the floor under his/her bed and cupboard is clean and waste paper and refuse is deposited in the dust-bins provided in the rooms.
 3.7Class representative shall make sure that any Resident, who litters the room or spills anything, cleans up the mess himself/herself.
 3.8Resident shall ensure that the bathrooms and toilets after use are as clean as they would like to find them and see water taps are closed.
 4.1The Hostel for executives shall be named as Executive Residence and dormitories as Puen Residences.
 4.2Executive Residence shall be furnished with basic comforts to host senior officers befitting their status.
 4.3An Executive Residence resident is expected to conduct in a manner befitting the rank and position during the stay at the hostel by complying with the rules of the Institute.
 4.4Each Resident shall be provided with following facilities for use during the course of the training

  1. Study table and Chair;
  2. Wardrobe; and
  3. Bed
 4.5Residents shall not be allowed to move furniture or facilities from their rooms unless written order is produced.
 4.6Residents shall bear the cost of repair/replacements for damages deliberately caused to government properties. In the event of damage, the recovery will be made from the security deposit and balance if any from the stipend/salary accordingly to the nature of the property (collectively or individuals).
 4.7Resident shall hand-over the articles and properties issued in their names according to the inventory list to the concerned authorities at the time of leaving the institute and produce a no demand certificate for issue of the final Transcripts.
5. MESS:
 5.1Residents shall conduct themselves in the Mess in a disciplined and civilized manner.
 5.2Residents shall be required to eat in the common mess unless exempted by the Management.
 5.3Residents shall elect a Mess Committee comprising of one member representing each course. The Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the mess under broad guidelines laid down by the Institute.
 5.4A resident shall be required to pay for the meals as per the norms laid down by the Committee.
 5.5A resident shall not be allowed to enter the kitchen unless required by the official works.
 5.6Residents shall observe the following dress code strictly in the Mess:



working days


1.Break fastGho & KiraGames Kit (Set)
2.LunchGho & KiraCasual (Sun)
3.TeaInst. Casual/Sports kitCasual(holiday)
5.Formal OccasionInstitute Dress 
 5.7Residents shall strictly observe the mess timings as indicated below:

1.Breakfast0745 – 0820
2.Lunch1300 – 1345
3.Evening Tea1515 – 1530
4.Dinner1900 – 1930
 6.1A trainee shall be entitled to leave on weekends or on other holidays with prior approval of the hostel warden.
 6.2A trainee proceeding on leave shall inform their whereabouts with the Hostel Warden
 6.3Class representative shall report to the Hostel Warden any resident falling sick or hospitalized at the earliest and reasonable instance.
 6.4A trainee shall be eligible to avail leave of one day due to sickness or any other emergency with prior permission of the Head of the Department/Coordinator of the Centers and two or more days with permission of the Director on the recommendation of the Head/Coordinator.
 6.5A Resident shall be liable to be discontinued from the course for unauthorized absence without any valid reasons.
7.AMENDMENT AND SUPPRESSION The Director General of the Institute shall be the authority empowered to interpret the rules and his/her decision shall be final and binding.

Royal Institute of Management

Dated : December 25, 2014

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