Role of Department Heads

The following responsibilities feature for Heads in addition to the requirements for total management, monitoring and coordination of the department, preparation of plans and programs, annual 5-year budget plan, evaluation and work plans.

The following is also in addition to the Procedures as set out in the Institutional Teaching and Learning Policy.

The Centre/Department Head will

  1. Ensure the quality of the educational provision within their relevant department and according to the Academic Policy Framework
  2. Facilitate information sharing on best practice in teaching and learning

These will necessitate the following functions

  • Develop and approve all proposals for new course offerings
  • Undertake an annual review of courses and units
  • Report to Academic Committee on outcomes of course monitoring cycle
  • Approve unit outlines, assessment processes, exams and outcomes
  • Approve recommendations for credit for Accreditation of Prior Learning
  • Investigate, determine and record outcomes of grievance appeals (this responsibility may be delegated to another faculty)
  • Prepare annual summary of student grievances received to Academic Committee
  • Consider, dismiss or refer allegations of student misconduct
  • Convene meetings of faculty members to investigate breaches of academic integrity
  • Appoint principal investigator of academic meeting to investigate breaches of academic integrity
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