For the 2011 Academic Session, we have currently 182 students who are undertaking various courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (37), Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (21), Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (38), Diploma in Information Management Systems (27), Diploma in Financial Management (29), and Diploma in National Law (30).

Post Graduate Diploma Courses are offered to train those graduates (with a plus 3 or 4 degree or masters) who had qualified in the Civil Service Common Examination. Most of the modules in the courses are action based learning. After their successful completion of their one year intensive training here at RIM, they are absorbed by the various Government Ministries and agencies. Although there has been demand from the private organizations and corporate sectors for RIM graduates, due to the sheer limited number of graduates, we are  only able to cater to the government at present. RIM plans to open up our services to private and corporate sectors soon.

Diploma Courses are offered to those selected undergraduates to undergo two years of intensive training in the field of information management systems, national law and financial management. Like the post graduate courses these are also practical oriented trainings where the trainees gain  hands-on experience during their two years stay in the institute.

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