Brief Background

Business Development Service Centre (BDSC) – The RIM, BDSC is a joint venture project financed by the Department of Employment (DoE), Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR).
Business Development Service Centre – is hosted in the Department of Finance & Business at the RIM. The services will be provided by RIM faculty and consultants. The focus of the services is in small business development. If anyone wishes to start or further develop a small business in Bhutan, you are welcome to contact the Business Development Service Centre (

Our Task

Business Development Service Centre – is responsible for providing a comprehensive small business assistance program through counseling, training and short courses to promote business start-up, growth, innovation and product diversification to the Bhutanese entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Business Development Service Centre – on a monthly basis will run short courses on business development. These courses are on marketing management, financial management, procurement management, low cost advisory services for new or existing small businesses, etc. Also through the centre, the Department of Employment will conduct self employment programs on a monthly basis for the aspiring entrepreneurs interested in determining the feasibility, profitability and accessing funding sources for their business ventures.

Our Linkages

Business Development Service Centre – cooperates with the DoE and its associates. In the near future, the centre will strengthen its long-term partnership with business entities & financial institutions by actively engaging with the entities in entrepreneurship and self employment programs. Plans are laid out to cooperate with several agencies and networks across several business areas. The networks will consist of financial analysts, accountants, business developers, financial institutions and public services in Bhutan.

In order to offer the services through the center, funding is provided by the Department of Employment through its Entrepreneurship & Self Employment Division.

Business Development Service Centre – is a service centre for you to develop professional business practices & to assist your business to grow & develop.


Department of Finance & Business
Royal Institute of Management
PO Box 416, Simtokha
Thimphu : Bhutan
Phone: +975 – 2351013 /14
Fax: +975 – 2351029

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