“To be a premier centre of excellence in management development and policy research in the region”


“To develop socially and professionally responsible and proactive leaders and managers with holistic values and competencies”

Strategic Areas

In realizing the above vision and mission, RIM focuses on the following strategic areas:

  • RIM – Strengthening Institutional Capacity and develop RIM into a financially self-sustaining Institute.
  • Civil Service – Building management capabilities and meeting future requirements of the civil service.
  • Local Governance – Facilitate decentralization process and enhance community participation through capacity development.
  • Private Sector Development – Facilitate private sector capacity development through training, research and consultancy.


Te RIM family pledges to uphold the five core values. The five core values had been reformulated based on the earlier values identified in 1996. The reformulation has been done for easier understanding and to give meaningful expression of the values that we actually believe in and would like to uphold as proud members of the RIM family. The five core values are:

1. Excellence:

  • We shall strive to maintain the highest form of standards in all our professional endeavours.

2. Team work:

  • We shall work as a family believing in the principle “united we stand, divided we fall.”

3. Discipline:

  • We shall uphold the image of the Institute in our internal and external dealings and shall not waver in our loyalty to the Institute and Tsa-Wa-Sum.

4. Innovation

  • We shall promote innovation and creativity that serves the interest of the Institute and the country.

5. Accountability:

  • We shall refrain from any activities that would be in conflict with the interests of the Institute and Tsa-Wa-Sum, and shall be accountable for our words and actions.
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