As a BDSC participant you are responsible for:

  • Participating in Surveys – It is in the interest of RIM to ensure quality services are provided. Therefore the BDSC will undertake a number of initiatives to ascertain the quality and impact of services provided to you. Your feedback is critical to the long-term success of this program. You will be asked to participate in participant’s feedback survey & questionnaire.
  • Informing DoE About Your Experience with the BDSC – This is a joint venture program between the RIM & DoE. BDSC services are provided at no charge to you because of the financial support from the DoE, MoLHR & host institution (RIM). To ensure the BDSC program will be able to sustain its program in the future, we request that you write to DoE to let them know about your experience with the program.
  • Accepting Responsibility and Waiving all Claims –In recognition that you are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your business and that all decisions pertaining to implementing plans and operating your business are solely your responsibility, you hereby waive any claims of damages against the BDSC, BDSC programs, RIM as the host institute for the BDSC program and the DoE, or any other entity that provides funding to the BDSC program, based on any advice or information provided by the BDSC.
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