IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications will be processed as and when received. Late applicants may not be entertained if the course intake is fulfilled before the last deadline. SO, HURRY UP!!!

  1. When is the MBA/MBM course starting from (Month)?
    Orientation of the MBA/MBM usually starts from 1st Feb. and classes commence from 2nd Feb onwards.
  2. How will the MBA class be conducted? Will it be in the same fashion as MBM?
    It will be same like the MBM, an intensive five day course (from 930am-4:30 pm; 30 hours) in a month and for the rest of the month, students will have to work on their group/individual assignments which has to be submitted online.
  3. How long are the MBA/MBM courses?
    The MBA for 18 months and MBM for 24 months.
  4. What is the course outline for MBA/MBM?
    Refer MBA/MBM course brochure on the web (MBA, MBM brochures)
  5. Who are the faculty for the MBA, MBM programs? Are the programs taught by the International Faculty or the National Faculty?
    Renowned and experienced Visiting Professors from the University of Canberra, Australia with PhD qualifications come to teach the MBA &MBM courses here at RIM. They are assisted by the Local Counterparts which comprises of Senior Professors and Faculty members here at RIM. Some of the modules are also taught by RIM Professors and Faculty.
  6. Are the MBA, MBM programs certified by the University Of Canberra?
    All Master’s program (MBA, MBM) are certified by the University Of Canberra, Australia. Therefore, you will be awarded the same International Testamur/Certificate from the University of Canberra.
  7. Is IELTS result a requirement Bhutanese applicants?
  8. For the Bhutanese applicants, you do not need to provide IELTS result. English Language Proficiency Certificate (ELPC) from Bhutan Board of Examination
  9. Is IELTS a requirement for the International candidates?
    Yes, international candidates will be required to provide IELTS result with an overall band score of 6.0 across all bands.
  10. Will the certificates and other documents need to be attested?
  11. Yes, but you can attest it from RUB, or have it done by any other personnel who is of a higher authority than yourself. It need not be notarized from Thimphu District Court.
  12. Will the institute accept hard copy of the final admission documents?
    Yes, we will accept both the attested hard copy and the attested soft copy (email to of your documents.
  13. I am a civil servant wishing to apply for the MBA/MBM programs? What is the procedure?
    Any civil servant wishing to apply for the RGOB scholarship for the RIM master’s programs must route it via RCSC. All the required criteria is provided in this RCSC website link ( However, if there are any civil servants wishing to apply PRIVATELY, you can directly contact Mr. Phuntsho Rinzin and proceed accordingly during office hours.
  14. Do I need to specify the exact number of working years in the respective organization or agencies in the work experience certificate?
    Yes, you will be required to specifically mention the exact number of working years in the respective organization or agencies in the work experience certificate

Note: In the application form, in the GIVEN NAME, write your FIRST NAME; Leave the SURNAME/FAMILY NAME to fill in your LAST NAME.

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