About the course 

The Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA) is a one-year, full-time course designed for the graduates selected through competitive Civil Service Entrance Examinations in Bhutan and it is housed in the Department of Management Development (DMD). The focus of the course is to produce competent and professional administrators and managers for careers in public, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations.

Course level and duration 

The PGDPA is a Bhutan Qualification Framework (BQF) Level 7 qualification with 120 credit point (CP) courses.

Admission requirements 

Admission to the course is governed by the Admission Policy of the Royal Institute of Management (RIM). For details visit the following link www.rim.edu.bt.  The course is taught in English and as such participants are expected to be conversant in the English language at the graduate level.

The course aims and objectives

  • The objectives of the course are to make our graduates career ready by:
    Familiarizing the trainees with political, economic, social, and administrative issues of the country and world at large in the changing contexts and emerging democracies.
  • Equipping the trainees with skills, knowledge, and attitudes to shoulder the responsibilities of a public service officer.
  • Promoting overall personality development of the trainees: intellectual, moral, attitude shift, integrity, and professionalism.

Course requirements and learning outcomes 

The PGDPA  is a 120 credit points (CP) course with 14 units in total including the Agency Immersion Program. There are 10 units with 10 CPs and 4 units with 5 CPs. In addition to credited units, the course also offers non-credited workshops and seminars.  The course is delivered over a block of four terms of 10 weeks each. The fourth or the last term is fully  dedicated to the Agency Immersion Program.

The details of the units offered in each term are provided below.

Term I (February – April) Term II (May to July)Term III (August to October)Term IV (October to December )
Units offered: Units offered: Units offered: Agency Immersion Program (5CP)
1. Applied Research Methodology(10CP)

2. Governance and Ethics (10CP)

3. Integrated Workplace Communication (5CP)

4. Digital Skills Development (ICDL) (5CP)

5. Introduction to Public Administration (10CP)

  1. Organizational Behavior(10CP)

2. Economic Principles and Applications (10CP)

3. Data Analysis for Decision Making (10CP)

4.Managing People in the organization (10CP)

5. Workshop on Public Sector Innovation (Empathy Field Visit) (5CP)

Non-credit Units: 

6.Workshop on EI & Self Awareness

7. Workshop on Problem Analysis and Decision Making (RIA)

1. Applied Research Project(10CP)

2. Public Financial Management(10CP)3. Public Policy and Planning Program (10CP)

Non-credit Units: 

4. Seminar on Leadership & Management

On successful completion of the course, graduates should be able to:

  • Apply analytical skills that address the administrative, social, political, economic, and behavioral aspects of complex policy problems.
  • Plan, monitor, and evaluate development policies and programs
  • Apply rigorous evidence-based decision making
  • Manage people, projects, and public resources effectively and efficiently
  • Foresee public administrative problems and ability to solve them with innovation and creativity.

Progression requirements

Academic achievement is governed by the RIM Academic Progress Policy. For details visit the following link www.rim.edu.bt. Overall, students must secure a minimum of 50 percent in each unit and must not fail in more than two units in any academic period in order to progress to a higher level. Unit outlines may also stipulate additional requirements such as the minimum requirement of attendance and participation.

The offering Department

The PGDPA course is offered by the Department of Management Development, Royal Institute of Management. For further information on the course, please contact the course convenor. The course convenor details are provided below.

Mrs. Dorji Pem

Phone : +975 2 351014/ 351013 ext. 168

Email: dorji_pem@rim.edu.bt

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