Terms of Reference of the Dodum:

The Dodums (Male and Female) shall be the overall coordinators of all Trainee Affairs including:

I. General Responsibilities

  1. Liaise with trainees/trainee bodies and the faculty, staff and management of RIM,
  2. Conduct and organize inspiration session/assembly either on the first working day of the month.
  3. Make important announcements to the trainees during the inspiration session/assembly.
  4. Ensure that the trainee comply with RIM training rules and regulations.
  5. Resolve conflicts among trainees.
  6. Ensure that Class Representatives take attendance during inspiration session/assembly or other mandatory occasions and maintain proper records of such information in a register.
  7. Initiate, coordinate and chair inter-class representatives, inter-coordinators/secretaries meetings and deliberations.
  8. Monitor and ensure that the Mess Management Advisory Committee functions properly and that there are smooth handing and taking over of charges.
  9. Receive important guests to the Institute.

II. Responsibilities in the Hostel

  1. Overall In-charge of TV, main responsibilities includ
    • Screen TV programmes as per timing that has been approved by the management.
    • Collect rentals fees from the residents and submit the same to the Wardens.
    • Ensure safe custody of the equipment.
    • Report on any damages/loss to the Warden.
    • Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Mess Advisory Committee.
    • Oversee quality of food served in the dining hall and Code of Conduct of residents in the hostel.
    • Oversee management of hostel facilities and compliance with the Hostel Rules and Regulations.

Terms of Reference of the Class Representatives:

The class representatives shall ensure that the course mates comply with all the RIM rules and regulations.  They shall assist Dodums in receiving important guests to the Institute.  More specifically, the representative shall:

I. Assist in managing academic programmes by ensuring:

  1. Proper record of class attendance of all sessions by faculties and submit attendance report every month to the Registrar.
  2. Provision of logistical support for academic session.
  3. Cleanliness of classrooms.
  4. Assistance and support to the faculties in conducting the courses.
  5. Liaise between faculty/management and course mates on academic matters.

II. Maintain facilities, hygiene and cleanliness within the hostels and the designated SUPW sites by ensuring:

  1. The course mates keep their hostel rooms and corridors clean.
  2. The course mates use the waste bins provided diligently.
  3. The course mates turn off the water taps after use.
  4. The course mates put off the electrical switches in the rooms and corridors before leaving the rooms and hostel, and switch off room lights latest by 2200 hours.
  5. The course mates do not cook and eat food in the hostel rooms.
  6. Maintenance of a roster for cleaning the rooms and the corridors.
  7. Cleanliness of the area allocated to the respective classes.
  8. Submit timely and periodic report to the warden on the affairs of hostel including all emergency matters such as illness, damages to property etc.

III. Manage Special Project including:

  1. Identify special project activities.
  2. Successful implementation and completion of special project.
  3. Coordinating and organizing inter-class activities and competitions in sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities.

Terms of Reference of the Literary Committee members and Literary Secretary:

The literary committee members and literary secretary shall:

  1. Prepare annual literary activity plan.
  2. Initiate and organize literary activities at the Institute as per activity plan including ad hoc categories.
  3. Field team for participation in competition outside the Institute.
  4. Submit list of literary requisition through the Literary Advisory for procurement.
  5. Maintain inventory of literary activities including publication.

Terms of Reference of the Cultural Committee members and Cultural Secretary:

The cultural committee and cultural secretary shall:

  1. Prepare annual cultural activity plan.
  2. Initiate and organize cultural activities at the Institute as per activity plan including ad hoc programmes.
  3. Field teams for participation in cultural competition within and outside Institute.

Terms of Reference of the Prayer Coordinator:

The prayer coordinator shall ensure that the trainees abide by the following:

  1. Attend the prayer on time.
  2. Use prayer book during the prayer time.
  3. Lead and set the timing while reciting prayers.
  4. Attend prayer in proper dress.
  5. Bring problems to the notice of faculty in-charge and management.

Terms of Reference of the Equipments In-charge:

The equipment in-charge shall:

  1. Maintain a stock of the various equipments provided for use of the trainees.
  2. Issue and ensure that the items issued to the trainees are returned in good conditions.
  3. Report on any damages of the tools to the Warden.

Terms of Reference of the Sports Coordinator:

The Sports Coordinator shall:

  1. Prepare annual games activity plan (category wise) including mixed and interclass tournaments.
  2. Initiate and organize games at the Institute as per activity plan including ad hoc categories.
  3. Field team for participation in tournaments outside the Institute.
  4. Submit list of sporting equipments requisition through the Sport Advisor for procurement.
  5. Maintain stock of sporting goods/equipments including record of issue.
  6. Initiate development and maintenance of sporting facilities at the Institute.

Terms of Reference of the Mess Secretary:

The mess secretaries shall:

  1. Strive to serve hygienic and good quality food as per menu agreed or advised the Mess Management Advisory Committee.
  2. Maintain inventory of food items bought and ensure safe storage.
  3. Make all purchases at the lowest price without compromising the quality.
  4. Maintain proper accounts of all purchases and expenditure auditable by the Mess Management Advisory Committee.
  5. Monitor cleanliness of the kitchen, dining hall and kitchen staff.
  6. Bring to the notice of the Warden and Management any problems related to food, kitchen and dining hall.

ToR last updated : 2015

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