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The PGDNL aims to assist Dzongkhag Courts, High Court, Organizations and lawyers to succeed and:

  • develop the range of knowledge and skills required of Drangpons and lawyers
  • develop the ability to negotiate and settle disputes among people and civil problems
  • develop a clear understanding of the emerging role and responsibilities of Drangpons

Designed for:

Candidates who have been selected to pursue career in the areas of National Law selected through the CSCE selection process of the PGDNL.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of the course, the participants will be to:

  • Understand and articulate /interpret the National Laws
  • Handle all types of cases (civil and criminal cases) in the Courts of Law
  • Act as legal Counsellors as and when required
  • Appropriately apply the ethical and professional basis in discharging the responsibilities.

Learning Areas:

The PGDNL course in addition to the field studies once/twice a month in nearby courts provide the following learning modules that are divided into three terms:


Term Core Units Credit points
Term 1 (Feb – April) 1.       Ngagdon 15
2.       Sumtag 15
3.       Thrim I (Sa, Nyen & Kela) 15
4.       Tshema 7.5
5.       Legal Research & Writing 15
Term 2 (May – August) 1.       Tshema 7.5
2.       Thrim II (Penal Code) 15
3.       Thrim III (Court Procedure) 15
4.       Thrim IV (Evidence and bankruptcy Act) 15
5.       Thrim V (Constitution) 15
6.       Nyen Ngag 15
Term 3 (September – November) 1.       Choenjug 15
2.       Moot Court 15
3.       Legal Drafting 15
Total 120


In PGDNL course,we offer 5 teaching learning units and they are follows:

Term I

  1. IT Fundamental
  2. Dzongkha Unicode and Yikur Namzhag
  3. Driglam Namzha
  4. Leadership Effectiveness And Development

Term II

  1. Development Policies and Program


12 months (from February – December every year)


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