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Department of Development Management

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  1. 2012: Master of Public Policy (Development Policy), Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University College of Asia and the Pacific, Canberra-Australia.
  2. 2011: Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (GDPA), Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University College of Asia and the Pacific, Canberra-Australia.
  3. 2008: Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA), Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu- Bhutan.

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  1. Emotional Intelligence and Social Leadership.
  2. Public Policy and Strategic Analysis/Planning.
  3. Leadership Development and Strategic Thinking.
  4. Programme/Project Management & Planning.
  5. Human Values and Professional Ethics.

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  1. Since 2009 till date

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  1. Meritorious Promotion Awarded upon the Royal Command, 2021.
  2. President award “Social Harmony Award”, from Maharshi Arvind Foundation, India. In recognition of selfless services to Humanity and Community Peacekeeping in Bhutan. 2019.
  3. Chairperson Commendation Certificate for carrying out high-quality national level research on national policy issues submitted to His Majesty the King, Royal Research and Advisory Council, His Majesty’s Secretariat, Thimphu.
  4. Rated outstanding in teaching performance by Masters and PG students at RIM.
  5. Australian Awards Fellowship on ‘Enhancing Civil Service for Effective Governance’, Queensland, Australia, 2015.
  6. Philip C. Jessup International Law “WORLD CUP” Moot Court Award on ‘Spirit of Jessup’ 2014, Washington DC. United States; (First-Ever International Award brought to Bhutan through World Moot-Court Participation).
  7. Recipient of Organization Award on Behalf of Zhenphen Tshogpa/Association from Ministry of Health on “Saving Lives through regular Blood Donation.” 2014.
  8. Australia Open-Competition Awards (Australian Development full Scholarship) on Masters of Public Policy, Canberra, Australia, 2011.
  9. Selected as to 30 PGDPA trainee officer in Open Civil Service Common Examination, Bhutan, 2007.
  10. Outstanding grades/certificates for public speaking, seminar, presentation and report writing.
  11. Best Public Speaker in high school, university and RIM in open debate and public speaking competition.
  12. Possess over 70 merit certificates in games, sports, voluntary activities, and co-curriculum activities.

Membership and Community Honours:

  1. Founder/Chief Advisor/Chairperson of RIM Zhenphen Tshogpa (Association of Social Community Service), RIM, 2013-till date. (Over 20 planned and ad hoc voluntary activities are initiated annually).
  2. Chairperson and Chief Programme Coordinator for Kathok Dharma Centre Kathok Yoesel Samtenling Monastery (registered religious Org.), Baylangdra, Wangdi Phodrang, Bhutan. 2014-till date.
  3. Company/Platoon Commander for DeSuung (Guardian of Peace) Training, an organization initiated by His Majesty The King of Bhutan for all Bhutanese to encourage volunteerism- Tendruk Bhutan, 2020.Founding Committee Member, Women in Leadership Network Bhutan (WiLN)- 2019-till date (focusing on supporting 12 orphan and disadvantaged girls for education)Officiating HoD of Learning Research and Documentation Centre (LRDC), Royal Institute of Management. – June 2013-Dec 2015.
  4. Course Director/Coordinator of PGDPA, RIM-Jan 2013-Dec 2015.
  5. National Focal Person (NFP) Coordinator, SAARC Development Centre (SDC) Royal Institute of Management (RIM), – June 2013-Dec 2015.
  6. Founding Executive, Public Officer/Cultural Coordinator of Australia Bhutan Association in Canberra (ABAC), Australia- Jan 2011- Dec 2012.
  7. Member Representative of Australian Bhutanese Association in Canberra (ABAC) at Crawford School of Public Policy and Economics, ANU, 2011-2012.
  8. Founding Executive Member of First-ever Community Based Scouting (CBS), vis-à-vis initiated Zhenphen CBS Troop as Troop Leader at Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan, 2009-2010.
  9. Member of Trong-Dangkhar Phendey Tshogpa (TDPT), A community welfare organization of Trong and Dangkhar village, Zhemgang.
  10. Member, Academic and Research Committee, RIM, 2013-2015.
  11. Member, Tender and Evaluating Committee, RIM, 2009-2010.
  12. Member of Bhutanese Student Association, Kolkata, India, 2004-2007.
  13. Task Force Member, Marketing Strategy Working Committee, RIM, 2013-2014.
  14. Advisor, Sports and Games, Royal Institute of Management (RIM), 2009-2010.
  15. Coordinator, Table-Tennis, RIM, 2008.
  16. Day scholar Captain, Zhemgang Higher Secondary School, 2001-2003.
  17. Initiated and served as Project Manager of ‘Community based Zhemgang Lama Zhang Project,’ 2010-2016. (Project successful completed).
  18. Initiated and coordinator of ‘Community Project on ‘Gift of Mani Lhakhor’ to Five Villages of Trong Gewog, 2017 (project successfully completed).
  19. Initiated and organized First-Ever Bhutanese Cultural Festival Event at Multi Cultural Festival at Canberra, 2011-2012.
  20. Founding Member and Treasurer of Guru Khyentshe Ozer (GKO) Foundation, 2013-2015.
  21. Founded a Network Centre of International Dzogchen Community (Spiritual Community), with Library Centre in Bhutan, 2014.
  22. Developed RIM LRDC Policy, Rules and Regulation 2015- endorsed on 74th GM 2014.
  23. Initiated Scholastic Award for Best Research Report for PGDPA trainees/student at RIM, 2013.
  24. Initiated a First ever Online Digital Repository Journal for top 10 PGDPA Reports and others for faculty and staffs at RIM, 2014.
  25. Introduction of First-ever unit on Public Policy in Bhutan, designed for PGDPA trainees at RIM, 2014.
  26. Introduction and development of academic integrity etiquettes particularly with plagiarism at RIM 2014.
  27. Written Supervisors Supervision Policy, RIM, 2014.
  28. Volunteer member at Tarayana Fair, Jangsa Animal Saving Trust, JDWNRH as blood donor, scouting, etc..
  29. Volunteer Founder/GS/committee members/ for Kathok Dharma Centre, Khandro Dorje Phagmo project, Lama Zhang project, Lhamo Remati Project, 108 Mani Lhakhor Project, Khengpa Dharma Connections, Kathok Welfare Scheme and CDPP Welfare Scheme and others… (these projects are one time project initiated in propagation of Buddha Dharma).

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Research & Publication” header_color=”#a34725″]Journal and Conference Article:

  1. Khedrup, Lhendup. U (2022), ‘Political parties’ Challenges in the electoral process of Democratic Bhutan: Perspective from Political Parties’ Representatives’, Bhutan Journal of Management, issue 3, no 2.
  2. Norbu, L and Lhendup. U (2022), ‘The Role of Mindfulness in Academic Performance and Social and Emotional Learning Skills of Post-Graduate Diploma Students’-presented and submitted on 4th International Vajrayana Buddhism Conference, Centre of Bhutan Studies,Thimphu Bhutan.
  3. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (2020), ‘A Vision for Livable Thromde in Democratic Bhutan’, proceedings of the International Conference on Urban Planning & Wellbeing, Centre of Bhutan Studies, Thimphu Bhutan.

Research Reports and Books:

  1. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi.K. (2018-2019), ‘Setting the Standards of Public Service Delivery in Bhutan: An Ordinary Citizens Perspective’, Royal Research and Advisory Council (RRAC), His Majesty’s Secretarait (HMS), Thimphu Bhutan.
  2. Lhendup. U, (2018-2019), ‘Book on Golden Jubilee Celebration of Formal Diplomatic Relations between Bhutan and India (1968-2018)’, National Organising Committee (NOC)-RRAC, HMS.
  3. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup.U, (2018-2019), ‘Democratic National Governance for Sustaining a Just, Equal and Harmonious Society,’ RRAC, HMS.
  4. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K,  (2018-2019), ‘Democratic Local Governance for A Responsible and Responsive Public Services,’ RRAC, HMS.
  5. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup. U, (2018-2019), ‘Out of the box Ideas 2018: Issues and Challenges perceived to placate the Bhutanese Democracy 2018’ RRAC, HMS.
  6. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup.U, (2018-2019), ‘Book of Calendar of Events (CoE) for Golden Jubilee Celebration of Formal Diplomatic Relations between Bhutan and India. (1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition), National Organising Committee, RRAC, Thimphu, Bhutan.
  7. Dasho Wangdi. K. and Lhendup. U, (2016), ‘Concept Paper on International IDEA’s State of Democracy Assessments Framework and its Application in Bhutan’, International IDEA and RRAC Training Workshop, Thimphu Bhutan.
  8. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup.U, (2017), Report on ‘Ensuring Sustainable Full Employment of Educated Bhutanese: Suggestive Alternative Projects namely:
    • Home Care for Senior Citizens: For the Parents, by the youths;
    • Sustainable Greenhouse Farming: Food in Every Season; and
    • Development of Wood, bamboo and Rattan Crafts: A value Addition and Gainful employment. RRAC/HMS.
  9. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup.U, (2017), ‘Out-of-the Box-Ideas for 2017’, RRAC, HMS, Thimphu Bhutan.
  10.  Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (30th of Nov, 2017), ‘National Security of Bhutan’, RRAC/HMS. Thimphu Bhutan.
  11. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (10th of Oct, 2017), ‘A Vision for Livable Thromde in Democratic Bhutan’, RRAC/HMS. Thimphu Bhutan.
  12.  Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (21st of July, 2017), ‘Democracy for Sustaining a Just and Harmonious Society: Resolution of Issues Challenging Free and Fair Elections’, RRAC/HMS, Thimphu Bhutan.
  13. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (21st of July, 2017), ‘The Study of Land Mortgages by Financial Institutions in Bhutan: Understanding the Long-term Implications on Social Harmony and Security of the Nation’, RRAC/HMS. Thimphu Bhutan.
  14. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (2016), ‘Strategy for Assessment of State of Democracy (SoD) in Bhutan’ based on International IDEA, RRAC, HMS.
  15. Dasho Wangdi. K and Lhendup.U, (2016), “Educating Towards Sustaining a Just and Harmonious Society: Through a Multi-Strategy Voter and Civic Education.” RRAC, HMS.
  16. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (2016), ‘Report on Application of The International IDEA Framework on Assessment of Quality of Bhutanese Democracy’.
  17. Dasho Wangdi. K, Lhendup.U, and Wangdi. K (1st November, 2016), ‘Democracy for Sustaining a Just and Harmonious Society: Promoting Political Party Culture and System Capable of Nurturing a Just, Harmonious and Democratic Society in Bhutan’, RRAC/HMS.
  18. Dasho Wangdi. K, and Lhendup. U, (2016), ‘Preparing Bhutanese as Responsible Global Citizen: National Strategy for Full-Employment of Educated’.  RRAC, HMS.
  19. Tshering, K, Lhendup. U. et.al., (2014), ‘Marketing Strategy for Masters Courses at RIM’, RIM, Bhutan.
  20. Lhendup. U, (2008), ‘Development Assessment of Four Gewogs under Zhemgang Dzongkhag. Thimphu Bhutan. (Submitted to HMS towards people’s project initiative).
  21. Lhendup. U, (2006), ‘Market Research on Launching of New Brand of Beer in Bhutan Market,’ Tashi Commercial Corporation, Phuentsholing Bhutan. (A study submitted prior to establishment of first beer factory in Bhutan)
  22. Lhendup. U, (2006), ‘Ratio Analysis and Financial Statement of Penden Cement Authority,’ Penden Cement Authority, Bhutan.
  23. Lhendup. U, (2005), ‘Market Assessment and Product preference of Life Insurance Sector in India’ WBUT, India.

Newsletter and Blog Articles:

  1. Lhendup. U. (May 2017), ‘Trong Village, My Home: The Pride/Prestige and a Dream of Vibrancy’. Zhemgang Monthly: From Steps to Leaps. Issue 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Zhemgang Bhutan. http://www.zhemgang.gov.bt/downloads?Type=12&Sector=All
  2. Lhendup. U, (1st of Oct, 2018), ‘Naming Mattered: How was Zhemgang, Trong, Dangkhar and Pam Named’, Exploring, Expressing Dream like Self: Writing for the Community. http://ugyenlhendup1.blogspot.com/2018/10/naming-mattered-how-did-trong-dangkhar.html
  3. Lhendup. U, (2015), ‘Despite drawbacks, religion is a perfect portion of culture to help in development policies, hence cannot be ignored,’ RIM News Letter, Semtokha Bhutan.
  4. Lhendup. U, (2014,) ‘Indo-Bhutan Relation in next 15 years, Issue no.12, pp-4-7, RIM Newsletter.
  5. Lhendup. U, (2013,) ‘A solution to climate change: an approach by Buddhist or doing with less,’ Issue no.7 pp. 2-14, RIM News Letter.
  6. Lhendup. U, (2013,) ‘Heart and/or Brain (Issue no. 5, pp. 4-6, May 2009). RIM Newsletter.
  7. Lhendup. U, (2013,) ‘Me my Shinning Light’, Issue no. 5, pp. 4-6, May 2009. RIM Newsletter. Semtokha Bhutan.

Edition and Reviews:

  1. Bhutan Journal of Management, Vol 2, No 1 (2022)Khandu, K. (2020), “The Sacred Site of Guru Rinpoche – A Guide to Rangtse Ney”

Recent Research Supervision:

  1. Dema, K. (2022), ‘Factors Leading to Emigration from Bhutan to Australia’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.
  2. Dema, J (2022), ‘Efficiency of judicial service delivery in Bhutan’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.
  3. Norbu, K. (2022), ‘Relationship between organizational attributes and propensity to collaborate across organizations’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.
  4. Tshering, N. (2022), ‘A Study on The Perspectives of Civil Servants in Thimphu on The Effectiveness of The Sexual Harassment Policy of BCSR 2018’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.
  5. Choden, T. (2021), ‘Challenges faced by working mothers in Thimphu’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.

  6. Choden, R. (2021), ‘Study on affordability of housing and its impact on health among low-income civil servants residing in Thimphu’. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.

  7. Zangmo, T. (2021), ‘The Impact of Pandemic “COVID-19” on Entertainment Industry (Thimphu Thromde) concerning employment, income, and health hazard for employees. RIM, Thimphu Bhutan.

  8. Dema, S. (2021) . ‘A Study on Impacts of COVID-19 concerning agriculture in rural parts of Bhutan (Paro).’ RIM. Thimphu Bhutan.

  9. Dolkar, Y. (2015), ‘The Effects of Socio-Demographic Factors of Thimphu Residents on Litter Generation’. RIM;
  10. Dorji, D. (2015), ‘The Satisfaction Level of Rural And Urban Residents With The Public Health Service: A Comparative Case Study Of Thimphu And Pemagatshel, Nanong’, RIM.
  11. Dema, P. (2015), ‘Influence of Co-Curricular Activities On Social Adjustment (Interpersonal Skills) Of Secondary School Students In Thimphu’, RIM.
  12. Wangmo, C. (2014), ‘Client Satisfaction on the Garbage Collection Services Provided by Thimphu City Corporation in the Commercial Units Located of the Places such as at Semtokha, Changjiji, Changzamtok, and Chubachu’, RIM.
  13. Phuntsho, S. (2014), ‘Current Trends of Challenges and Constraints in Recruitment and Selection of Senior Level Civil Service by RCSC’. RIM.
  14. Tshering, S. (2014), ‘Trends and socio-economic Factors affecting the disrobing of Bhutanese Monks: A Case Study in Paro Monastic Body’. RIM.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Research Interest” header_color=”#a34725″]

  1. Mindfulness, Intelligence and organizational value-culture systems.
  2. Public Policy and Public Sector Management.
  3. Strategy, Leadership and Buddhism.
  4. Community and Public value/interest/service.
  5. Politics and Democracy.

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Contact Details” header_color=”#a34725″]eMail:  ugyen_lhendup@rim.edu.bt

Telephone Number:  77266399[/td_block_text_with_title][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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