RIM offer Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma level course in Financial Management.

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management is usually offered to RCSC selected candidates, how RIM also offer few seats to private and corporate candidates who meets the criteria set by RIM, this PGD course is usually for one year.

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (Government) Course details


  • To develop proactive managers with managerial and decision making capability and technical competency.


To develop knowledge and skills to:

  • Be able to constructively analyse and present financial information
  • Manage and assist the management in financial related works
  • Plan and manage auditing activities


PGDFM graduates should possess the following attributes:

1 Discipline  specific knowledge and capabilities appropriate to the level of study related to a discipline or profession
2 Communication skills: using oral, written and interpersonal communication to inform, motivate and effect change
3 Digital literacy using technologies to find, use and disseminate information
4 Creativity, innovative and Entrepreneurship evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment and creating solutions to authentic (real world and ill-defined) problems
5 Integrity, Honesty and Professional Excellence working and learning independently and in team works, and taking responsibility for personal actions

Units offered in PGDFM (Government)

(For Unit outline details, plz. Visit our website: www.rim.edu.bt /programs)

Term I

  • Public Financial Administration
  • Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Communication
  • Public Administration
  • Commercial Accounting I

Term II

  • Managerial Statistics
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Accounting II
  • Government Accounting I
  • Development Policies and Programmes
  • Dzongkha Communication
  • Tax and Excise

Term III

  • Procurement Management
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Principles of Auditing
  • Tally
  • Government Accounting II, PEMS and MYRB
  • On the Job Training

Diploma in Financial Management  is a two years course, and it is for +12 entry level, the candidate are selected on the criteria and merit basis through open competition.



Objective : The DFM aims to assist public and private organizations by:

building the strengths of human resources in the areas of finance and accounts

developing the auditing skills required in executing the auditing tasks of the government and corporate organizations.

meeting the requirement of the skilled human resources in the areas of accounting in corporate and private sectors.


24 months (from August – June)

Designed for: 

Class XII (passed) candidates of commerce background who have been selected to pursue career in the areas of accounting and auditing selected through the selection process of the DFM.

Learning Areas:

(a) Intensive training in the areas of accounts and auditing is  offered as reflected below for a period of twelve months.

Office Management

Commercial Accounting (theory & Practice)

Basic Computer Operation

Personnel Management

Public Financial Administration

Cost Accounting

Revenue Accounting

Tax administration

Companies Act

Effective Communication

Govt. Accounting I (Principle and Practice)

Govt. Accounting II (BAS)

Principles of Auditing


(b) For the second year, trainees of DFM are attached with different government and private organizations to gain practical knowledge in the field for the period of nine months. For three months, it is mandatory for all the trainees (government or private candidates) to undergo field attachment with the Royal Audit Authority.


Learning Outcome:

Upon the completion of the course, the participants will be able to carry out:

the job responsibilities of deputy chief accountant (DCA) in the National Finance Service.

the job responsibilities of senior accountant in corporate    and private sectors.

auditing responsibilities in Royal Audit Authority

the roles of assistant tax administrator and assistant revenue officer in Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC)


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