Course Objectives:

The DNL aims to build the capacity of the High Court, Dzongkhag Courts, Dungkhag Courts and public agencies through training of competent people in National Law.

The course aims specifically at:

Developing the range of knowledge and skills required of Legal Assistant;

Developing a clear understanding of the emerging roles and responsibilities of Legal Assistant;

Familiarizing with the National Law and developing a common understanding and interpretation of the Laws and Acts of the Kingdom;

Have acquired skills in a range of areas that are essential for working effectively in the civil service;


24 months (from August – June)

Designed for:

Class XII (passed) candidates of commerce background who have been selected to pursue career in the areas of accounting and auditing selected through the selection process of the DFM.

Learning Areas:

  1. Intensive training in the areas of accounts and auditing is  offered as reflected  below for a period of twelve months.
      1. Office Management
      2. Commercial Accounting (theory & Practice)
      3. Basic Computer Operation
      4. Personnel Management
      5. Public Financial Administration
      6. Cost Accounting
      7. Revenue Accounting
      8. Tax administration
      9. Companies Act
      10. Effective Communication
      11. Govt. Accounting I (Principle and Practice)
      12. Govt. Accounting II (BAS)
      13. Principles of Auditing
  2. For the second year, trainees of DFM are attached with different government and private organizations to gain practical knowledge in the field for the period of nine months. For three months, it is mandatory for all the trainees (government or private candidates) to undergo field attachment with the Royal Audit Authority.
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