The main functions of the DFB are as follows:

  1. Design and conduct courses in the areas of Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business.
  2. Provide advisory services on enhancing skills and competency development in the areas of finance, entrepreneurship and business of the Government and the corporate bodies including the private sector.
  3. Coordinate professional specific programs in the area of Finance, Entrepreneurship and Management Development through the Business Development Service Centre.
  4. Undertake research in the areas of finance, entrepreneurship, business and economics to facilitate development of course materials and provide policy inputs to the Royal Government, Corporate and Private sector.
  5. Carry out consultancy to facilitate capacity development in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship and business.

Following courses are offered as regular courses by Department of DFB

  1. Master in Business Administration (international Degree) (More Info)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management – Government (More Info)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management – Business (More Info)
  4. Diploma in Financial Management (More Info)

Beside cited regular courses, DFB also offer following training programs as Ad Hoc or MDP

  • Public Finance
  • Budgeting & Contract
  • Management Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Administration

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