International MBA Degree from RIM

Study an International Degree in Thimphu

Improve your career options with a prestigious Australian degree from The University of Canberra and the Royal Institute of Management. You benefit from the experience, resources and knowledge of two academic institutions, the Royal Institute of Management and the University of Canberra. Each institution located in their country’s capital city, home to the nations’ governments, diplomatic communities and professional bodies.

The Institute used to offer The Master of Business Management (Executive leadership and Public Administration) but it has been discontinued since 2017.

Currently, The Master of Business Administration is the only course that is been continued in RIM.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is based on coursework where Professors from University of Canberra present intensive lectures at RIM. It is designed to enable practicing managers and other professionals to transfer learning immediately to the workplace. The broad aim of the course is to offer individuals aspiring general management or senior functional management roles the opportunity to develop competencies of enterprises. Eligibility & Admission Criteria

Applicants must have a degree or equivalent as approved by the University of Canberra Admissions Committee and at least 2 years of relevant work experience or equivalent prior to admission. Applicants must also have English Language Standard of IELTS score of 6.0 across all band levels.

Eligible applicants will be given credits as per their qualification.

The Course is conducted at:

Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu, BHUTAN


Students complete 11 required units and 1 restricted choice.


  1. Entrepreneurship PG
  2. Marketing G
  3. Managing Change and Innovation PG
  4. Economic and Policy G
  5. Financial Management G
  6. BGL Research Project PG
  7. Research Methods PG
  8. Strategic Management and Policy Development PG
  9. Institutions of Law and Government G
  10. Gross National Happiness (GNH) PG
  11. Business Finance PG


  1. Human Resource Management PG
  2. Public Management at the Interface PG
  3. Business Ethics PG