International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is the international standard in digital skills certification. It is an international organization dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce, education and society. The certification programmes, delivered through an active network in more than 100 countries, enable individuals and organizations to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of computers and digital tools to the globally-recognized standard, known as ICDL worldwide.

ICDL programmes are for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. ICDL modules provide a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.

The Royal Institute of Management (RIM) has signed an agreement with ICDL Asia Pvt. Ltd. based in Singapore. RIM is now authorized to deliver certification tests for the following ICDL Programs. Cost per module is also mentioned for your reference.

Fees (US$)
Level Modules One Time Registration Certification Test Courseware Total
Base 30 30
Computer Essentials 10 10 20
Online Essentials 10 10 20
Word Processing 10 10 20
Spreadsheets 10 10 20
Presentation 15 15 30
Using Databases 15 15 30
Image Editing 15 15 30
Web Editing 15 15 30
IT Security 15 15 30
Project Planning 15 15 30
Online Collaboration 15 15 30
Advanced Word Processing 20 20 40
Advanced Spreadsheets 20 20 40
Advanced Using Databases 20 20 40
Advanced Presentation 20 20 40


An Additional One Time Candidate Registration Fee is $ 30.It will last for a lifetime and valid across in more than 100 countries.


Department of Information Communication Technology (DICT) has a budget allocated to certify few civil servants for the fiscal year 2016 – 2017 on the Base module. DICT will pay their One Time Registration Fee, ICDL Test Fee and Interactive E-Learning Courseware for each participant. We will also give training for 2 days each for a module free of cost. A civil servant will be registered only for a module to give equal opportunity to others. Department has the plan take up this with RCSC and make it mandatory for all civil servants to get certification in selected modules.

This will be continued every year on availability of budget.

Non Funded

Ministries/Agencies/Organizations/Individuals can avail the service both in training and the certification tests. The department has ICDL Lab setup with 25 computers and excellent net connectivity. The training part is not mandatory but if required can be offered by experienced faculty members of DICT, RIM at cost as per RIM guidelines. Each module will require only 16 hours training.

On top of the above fees an additional Fee of Nu. 2000/- (Ngultrum Two Thousand) only per module will be charged for the service that includes extra US$ 15 deducted at Singapore Bank during transfer and administration charges of RIM.

Interested may kindly contact us through email or call Phurba at 17761035.

For more information on ICDL Certification please refer ICDL webpage at and for fees refer the link ICDL Asia Standard Price List.



  1. ICDL Webpage (first two paragraph)

WORKING FILES  ICDL Spreadsheets 2013 Student Folder,  ICDL Word Processing 2013 Student Folder_Folder and ICDL Presentation 2013 Student Folder

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