Karma P Loday, Sr.Lecturer & HoD


 Department of Finance & Business


  1. Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, United Kingdom
  2. BA, Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Delhi University

Units Teaching/Specializations

  1. Corporate Strategy,
  2. Organizational Development,
  3. Management of Change and Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development.
  4. Coordinator of the Research & Consultancy Department (2003 till 2006).
  5. Coordinates & facilitates courses, seminars, and workshops and is actively involved in developing management case materials and articles.
  6. Volunteer – member of the Loden Foundation an (non profit) NGO www.loden.org charitable organization.


Royal Civil Service Bronze Medal for his 10 or more years of dedicated service to the tsa-wa-sum.

Research & Publication

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Research Interest

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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