Business 2.0– Business and IT Fusion


The Royal Institute of Management in collaboration with the Royal Civil Service Commission and the University of Canberra had conducted a training workshop of a new course on ‘Business 2.0 – Business and IT Fusion’. The five day course was delivered from 9th-14th December 2010 and the civil servants from mixed fields viz. HR, Administration, ICT, Accounts, Programme, Project, etc. were the participants.

The course covered four major topics and a number of minor topics. The major topics were: (1) Strategy, (2) Enterprise Architecture, (3) Finance, (4) Governance.

According to the resource person Professor Raymond Young from the University of Canberra, “This course explores how Business and IT need to work together to realize Bhutanese societal goals: (1) increasing happiness by (a) reducing poverty and (b) vitalizing industry through (i) national spatial planning (ii) developing rural & urban areas (iii) expanding strategic infrastructure (iv) developing human capital and (v) enhancing the enabling environment.”


Courtesy-Raymond Young