CPA Admission for Semester I, 2024 is now CLOSED


The Royal Institute of Management would like to announce for the admission and enrollment of candidates to the CPA program for Semester 1, 2024. The details on admission and enrollment are provide below.

1. The admission and enrolment of candidates to the CPA program for semester 1, 2024 is open from 13th November to 8th December 2023.

2. All Bhutanese candidates are required to complete your enrollment with the RIM to avail 50% discount on exam registration fees.

3. Candidates are required to fill in the and <CPA PrCPA Program Registration Form Iogram Registration Form I>and <Existing-ASAExisting-ASA-Member-CPA-Prorgam-Subject-Declaration-Form_for-Existing-Member-Member-CPA-Prorgam-Subject-Declaration-Form_for-Existing-Member> (for existing Members) or <New-CPA-Australia-MemeberNew-CPA-Australia-Memebership-and-First-CPA-Prorgam-Subject-Declaration-Form_for-New-Membership-and-First-CPA-Prorgam-Subject-Declaration-Form_for-New-Member>  (for New Members) and submit to the CPA Coordinator. Candidates are required to sign on each page of the CPA Program Subject Declaration Form. The Forms are attached below. The admission forms can be submitted in hard copy or the scanned forms can be mailed to

4. The subject exam registration fee for Semester 2, 2023 is AUD752.50 (which is 50% of full fee of AUD1,505.00) for each subject. For new member registration, you need to pay 1 st year membership fee of AUD341.00 in addition to the exam registration fee.

5. Fees to be paid on 11th December November 2023 in Ngultrum equivalent at the prevailing exchange rate of Nu. /AUD on the day. Details on fee payment modalities will be communicated after receiving the admission forms.

6. Only upon the registration and fee payment to the CPA Australia office, candidates will be given access to My Online Learning (MYOL) and additional materials. For new admission and pre-assessment to become CPA ASA member, a promo code can be used to waive off the assessment fees. Contact Mr. Sanjit Mohat, CPA Coordinator; email: for the promo-code or any other queries related to the admission.