Wangdi, Sr. Lecturer


 Department of Information & Communication Technology


Diploma in Information Technology (ISPC, Washington DC, USA, 1992)

Units Teaching/Specializations

  1. Teaching and Training & ICT curriculum development in such as
    1. Microsoft Office Applications
    2. Operating System ( Windows/Linux)
    3. Hardware fundamentals
    4. Internet Technology
    5. CISCO Networking.
    6. Basic Programming
    7. Management of Information System

Teaching Experience

Since 1991

Research & Publication


Research Interest

  1. Business and Entrepreneur innovation


  1. Silver Medal for serving King, Country and people (tsa-wa-sum) for 20 years and more
  2. Gold Medal for serving King, Country and people (tsa-wa-sum) for 30 years and more
  3.  National Order of Merit (Gold) for Academic Excellence (106th National Day)

Other Job Responsiblity

  1. Network Administrator
  2. CISCO Certified Instructor
  3. Incharge of Pearson Test Center