Wangdi, Associate Lecturer


 Department of Information & Communication Technology


Diploma in Information Technology (ISPC, Washington DC, USA, 1992)

Units Teaching/Specializations

  1. Teaching and Training & ICT curriculum development in such as
    1. Microsoft Office Applications
    2. Operating System ( Windows/Linux)
    3. Hardware fundamentals
    4. Internet Technology
    5. CISCO Networking.
    6. Basic Programming
    7. Management of Information System

Teaching Experience

Since 1991

Research & Publication


Research Interest

  1. Business and Entrepreneur innovation


  1. Silver Medal for serving King, Country and people (tsa-wa-sum) for 20 years and more
  2. Royal Civil Service Award (106th National Day)

Other Job Responsiblity

  1. Network Administrator
  2. CISCO Certified Instructor
  3. Incharge of Pearson Test Center